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The dirty truth: the week in soaps

“The Dirt on Soaps” is a weekly recap of soap operas and a sneak peak at what’s ahead. If you have questions concerning characters or plot lines, send an e-mail to [email protected].

All My Children

Maria “meets” her loved ones. Kendall discovers Trey framed her for the fire at Erica’s house. Leo and Greenlee remarry. Anna wants a divorce from David.

Coming Up: Leo and Greenlee have a second honeymoon in the Big Apple.

As the World Turns

Paul concentrates on searching for the evidence he needs. Barbara sells her company to Rosanna. Aaron confronts Craig. Will takes a wrong turn.

Coming Up: Someone close to Aaron is affected by his actions.

The Bold and the Beatiful

Taylor visits Amber in jail. Massimo and Sheila become friendly. Deacon asks Bridget to forgive Brooke.

Coming Up: CJ and Bridget see if they can be more than friends.

Days of Our Lives

Shawn tells Belle he loves her. Jack surprises Jennifer. Dr. Frank says Cassie and Rex are products of genetic engineering. Lexie moves back into the DiMera mansion.

Coming Up: Roman and Kate get closer.

General Hospital

Brenda is back. Alcazar kidnaps Maxie and Georgie as collateral, for Roy to kill Sonny. Jax reveals truth to Skye. Coleman offers Courtney a chance.

Coming Up: Brenda and Sonny meet at a special place.

Guiding Light

Beth and Alan team up to see who published Lorelei’s diary. Danny tries to get his family back together, but Michelle goes away with Bill. Gus arrests Beth for marrying two men at the same time. Cassie decides to work for the mob.

Coming Up: Phillip has trouble controlling his feelings for Olivia.

One Life to Live

Jen seduces Al. Gabrielle gets rid of the evidence connecting Al to the fire. Keri meets Antonio’s secret woman. Asa tries to escape from Rae. Rex shows his true colors.

Coming Up: Lindsey figures out Trey’s secret.


Luis finds Antonio and Sheridan in a compromising situation. Mrs. Wallace goes to the Crane party. Hecuba returns to Harmony. Zombie Charity surprises Tabitha.

Coming Up: Theresa answers Whitney’s questions.

Port Charles

Ian figures out Kate’s secret, is her comatose husband. Rafe and Allison admit they their love. Karen thinks she can save Frank.

Coming Up: Rafe accuses Livie of non-kosher activities.

The Young and the Restless

Phyllis is blamed for the fire at the Abbott pool house. Chris gives Sharon legal advice. Raul receives some exciting news. Victor and Nikki celebrate their latest wedding. Victor visits a friend before he goes on his honeymoon.

Coming Up: Victoria struggles with her emotions.

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