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Chandler bolsters offense

Friday Conversation
 Chandler bolsters offense
Chandler bolsters offense

Chandler bolsters offense

Senior center Thorton Chandler looks to solidify next year’s Mustang offensive line. Chandler, who played guard and center last year, is excited about leading the offensive line into its 2002 campaign.

The Daily Campus: Over the past three years, the coaches have moved you around from one position to another. Next season, what position will you be playing, and are you excited?

Thorton Chandler: When I first got here, I played defense. After that, I moved to offense to play center, [which] was what I was recruited to play. But when I moved to offense, they were thinking about redshirting me so that I [could] learn the system. But when I got over there, I did so good that they decided to put me at guard to get me on the field. Then the next year I moved back to center. I started at left guard for the beginning of spring practice. But [by] the end, I moved back to center. Next year I [probably] will be playing center if something doesn’t go wrong. I am very excited. I believe this season is going to be a big turn around. I’m just glad I can be a part of it.

DC: What have you been doing since the season ended in terms of keeping in good shape? Do you feel that you are in peak physical condition for next year?

Chandler: After the season ended, I went home for Christmas and took a little time off and hung out with my little brothers. But when we got back to school, it was time to start spring training right away with lifting and running. During this spring I think that everyone has gotten a lot stronger in the weight room. And [with] all of the running we had to do, if we weren’t in shape before, then we are now.

DC: Being an offensive lineman, what do you think about next year’s running game?

Chandler: Being an offensive lineman, we are the running game. If we don’t do our jobs, the running game is nonexistent. I think that our offensive line is getting that feel of each other that all offensive lines need, and all we have to do is know who to block and get on him, and our running backs will get through the hole.

DC: Are you excited to see what kind of numbers sophomore running back ShanDerrick Charles produces?

Chandler:Yes, after the show he put on in the little games he played last year, I can’t wait to see the show he puts on for the whole season. Another thing is everyone is concentrating on ShanD but what teams don’t realize is we have [junior running back] Keylon Kincaid as well, and he is no joke either. He can make a tackler look stupid at anytime

DC: Everyone on the team knows that you are a joker. Tell us something funny that you have done to one of your teammates/coaches.

Chandler: I don’t do funny stuff to people on the team, but one thing I do is in the locker room. Sometimes after I get out of the shower, I’ll be drying myself off. When I get to my butt, [it] is so big that I let the towel go. The towel will just hang there out of my butt, and I act like nothing is wrong. So I go around talking to people naked with a towel hanging out of my butt.

DC: Not many people know that your father played professional football for the Dallas Cowboys. How has he influenced your life, especially in the football perspective?

Chandler: He has played a major part in my life when I was in high school. I did not think that I was going to make it to college, but my junior year my father moved to Jacksonville, Fla. and trained me one summer and made me 10 times better than I was before.

DC: What are your expectations for the 2002 season?

Chandler: A WAC championship – period.

DC: What are your personal goals for the 2002 season?

Chandler: My personal goals are to win the WAC, and for me to be an All-WAC selection.

DC: What is your favorite flavor of ice cream?

Chandler: Moo-lennium. Everyone says it is stupid until they taste it.

DC: Who is/was your favorite player to play alongside with?

Chandler: Hands down, it is James McCarthy. It was just so fun to see him dominate people and make me look good on combo blocks.

DC: Who is your favorite player to watch?

Chandler: [Senior wide receiver] Johnnie Freeman, [senior wide receiver] Chris Cunningham and [junior cornerback/kick returner] Jonas Rutledge. Do I have to explain? They are raw.

DC: You are known on and off the field for your extraordinary tattoo. Please explain.

Chandler: One of my tattoos is one with a cross with all of my five brothers’ names around it. I did that because I love my brothers so much and I wanted something that would let them be there with me all the time. So before every game I pray and tap my arm four times.

DC: How do you feel about the first spring under Phil Bennett?

Chandler: It went really good. He is a different kind of coach. He is more involved. It was the best spring that I have had since I have been here.

DC: What is different about the offensive line now that seniors like James McCarthy and Joey Slaten are graduating?

Chandler: McCarthy and Slater are a big loss. We have better chemistry than we had because we have been together for at least two years. We can make calls and come together a lot better now.

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