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The Cowboys reloaded

Do you want to know how to fix the Cowboys, Jerry Jones?

Their problems are everywhere. It’s all around those of us called fans. Even now in this very newspaper.

You can hear about it when you go to work at Valley Ranch or turn on your television to any sports station. You feel it when you sit down in a half empty and quiet AT&T; Stadium, when you order a pizza from Papa John’s, or pay another egregious contract.

It is the world that has been pulled over your eyes as the owner to blind you from the truth.

You might be wondering what truth is that?

The truth is that you are a slave to mediocrity, Mr. Jones. That although you weren’t born in mediocrity, you have been molded by it.

Unfortunately, Mr. Jones, many tough decisions have to be made in order to get away from the average team we fans have been given these last few seasons. You must be the one to fix it yourself.

This is your last chance. After another season of falling short, there will be no turning back for fans like myself who have stuck by your team, buying its merchandise, paying outrageous fees for parking and tickets, and listening to one blithering coach after another.

You take the blue pill, and our time together ends. Tony Romo and company will fail once again in a spectacular way.

The Cowboys will most likely get to that final game of the season against the Philadelphia Eagles in a win and you’re in the playoffs; lose and you get to watch from home type scenario. Fans will disperse in droves as they realize the payoff for their patience has become nothing more than a dream.

But to your credit, you’ll stay as General Manager, President and Owner of your beloved Cowboys, making more money off of the next crop of fools who dare to believe you’re doing what’s right for this once
proud squad.

You take the red pill, and you’ll instantly lose your position as general manager to an up-and-comer that will be more patient than yourself, and quite frankly, much more football savvy.

In this case, the Dallas Cowboys will more than likely cut ties with several high-profile players with large contracts —most of which were created by either yourself or your son and vice president, Stephen Jones —and result in several seasons that will not look too pretty in the win and loss columns.

The beautiful part, besides you finally conceding power, is that for the first time in a decade the Cowboys will have a much more promising financial future and some consecutive drafts that don’t look like garbage less than three years after they happened.

Fans are tired of seeing 8-8 teams that struggle to beat the worst teams in the National Football League, and get handed their own heads on a platter against some of the best.

We’re exhausted by this promise of better days to come, when all that’s being presented to us is a couple of star talents and a much bigger cast of castoffs.

Remember, Mr. Jones, all I’m offering is the truth, nothing more.

Costa is a senior majoring in journalism.

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