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Uber prevents drunken driving on SMU campus

Uber is a high-class taxi service that provides students with a way to get home safely after a night out. (Courtesy of

Each day, people drive drunk almost 300,000 times, but fewer than 4,000 are arrested. 10.3 million people are reported driving under the influence, and the drunk driving rate is highest amongst twenty-one to twenty-five year olds.

These statistics reported by Mothers Against Drunk Driving from 2012 showcase how drunk driving is a prominent problem in the states. More specifically, this problem resides on college campuses like SMU.

With College Prowler ranking SMU’s partying an A+ along with Dallas’ prominent nightlife, drunk driving poses as a problem as young adults go out to drink.

According to NESARC, Center for Science in the Public Interest, 44% of college students binge drink. This high number results in intoxicated young adults who may not always make rational choices and decide to drink and drive, leading to one death every forty-eight minutes.

This fatal decision some students choose to make can be avoided. Designated drivers can be assigned or students can book taxi services like Uber.

The Uber app allows students to be picked up at any location using GPS. An online tracker shows where the drivers exact location is along with where you are as you are in the car.

Uber charges $0.19-0.45 per minute depending on how big the car is. It automatically charges to your credit card, allowing you to see exactly how far and long the trip was.

This app has become increasingly popular in Texas. It has expanded from Dallas to Houston in the past year, and is especially favored by SMU students.

Sophomore Isabelle Smithard believes all SMU students should invest in the Uber out if they go out often.

“I use it nearly every time I go out- It’s way more convenient to have an Uber account than to worry about getting a cab or having someone pick you up,” Smithard said.

While the rate per mile is low, booking Uber SUVs can be a bit costly. However, Uber X is a cheaper option in which smaller cars such as Toyota or Ford sedans are used to taxi students that may be out on SMU Boulevard or Greenville back to their houses.

Sophomore Millie Shih believes Uber is reliable and can help prevent drunk driving and DUIs for SMU students.

“Speaking from personal experience, when friends are intoxicated, they leave their cars at Barley [House] and simply take an Uber home,” Shih said. “With the more recent Uber X, rides near the SMU area are only $5, so why take the risk [to drunken drive]?”

This favored app seems to be positively benefitting SMU students who need to get around during nighttime or getting back to campus after going out. Students continue to pile into Ubers on weekends as they head to parties or clubs in Dallas.

Smithard promotes Uber as a way to prevent drunk driving on campus.

“It’s easy to use, relatively cheap and it’s reliable,” Smithard said.

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