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Wendy Davis’ controversial ad defines ‘dirty politics’

Wendy Davis controversial ad defines dirty politics

Democrat Wendy Davis recently released a new ad for her campaign titled ‘Justice.’

The video is centered on Republican competitor for Texas governor, Greg Abott.

It targets Abbott as the state’s attorney general for denying justice to accident victims, although he has won millions since his accident thirty years ago.

Abbott was jogging when a tree fell on him, paralyzing him from the neck down, at the age of twenty six.

The beginning of the ad states he can receive “as much as $10.7 million” in compensation for the accident.

The video then follows up this claim by describing court cases where Abbott has sided against disabled persons who try to sue to get their justice and focuses on Abbott’s issue of hypocrisy.

According to MSNBC, there is solid evidence to support this statement despite the horrible delivery by Davis.

“Since the 1990s, he’s supported several efforts to make it harder to sue, including a controversial 2003 Texas law that capped non-economic damages in medical malpractice cases at $250,000.”

And according to a Dallas Morning News report, Abbott has “tenaciously battled to block the courthouse door to disabled Texans who sue the state.”

The tidbit of plain truth Davis managed to shine a light on only lasted for a short period of time.

Her outrageous ad opening with a wheelchair shot looks as if she is preying on Abbott’s disability to seek attention.

Davis also never recognized the misfortune of Abbott’s paralysis after the ad was released.

To me, it seems like Davis is desperate to gain voters, especially with Abbott so far in the lead.

Her attempt to dehumanize her competitor by ironically targeting the most humanizing quality about him is baffling.

It’s sick.

She has shown no regret in releasing this ad nor has she shown any remorse for the suffering Abbott has experienced, competitor or not.

Davis also missed her chance to turn around the controversy behind the ad.

She decided to bring on stage disabled people that she knows to speak in support of her.

As this press conference goes on, a campaign staff member physically moved one of the disabled Davis supporters by dragging them across stage.

She’s done a pretty good job at making people turn against her in this race.

Is your campaign so bad that you now have to repeatedly highlight the fact that your opponent is in a wheelchair?

Davis, you are one cold-hearted woman.

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