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Be gutsy with Gutsy and tell your friends what you really think

Be gutsy with Gutsy and tell your friends what you really think

Let’s face it: we all have something we want to say to our friends but are unable to conjure up the courage to say it to their faces. Don’t you wish there was an app to send your friends painful, yet much-needed advice without them knowing it was you?

Well now you can!

An app that allows you to be gutsy without having the guts to face your friend, Gusty helps you unveil the ugly truth about your friend’s most annoying quirks. By accessing the friend’s list from your Instagram account and matching them with a set of 100 questions, the app allows you to answer personal opinions about your friends. Gutsy then sends the answers to him or her, anonymously of course.

So whether you want to tell you friend that he or she lately has been acting like a little b**** or he or she doesn’t exercise enough, they’ll never know it was you. Even if the person you’re trashing didn’t download the app, you can still send criticism to any friend on your account. In other words, you get to berate your buddy whether they asked for it or not.

The answers come with four preset replies, but Gutsy also allows you to create your own personal message, so don’t be shy about telling them how you really feel.

Screen Shot 2015-02-15 at 2.15.57 PM.png
Courtesy of Gusty.

Now the app isn’t all about hate. You can also confess to your friend if you ever had a crush on them or dreamed about sleeping with them.

Creators of Gutsy developed the app to enhance communication and understanding between friends in order to develop one’s character into the best possible esteem. Respectable aspirations sure enough, but let’s be honest, we’re totally going to abuse this app.

By limiting the accessibility of the questions and answers to you and your friend, you’re able to give an honest and anonymous opinion without the drama, or so we hope.

Perhaps I’m old-fashioned or more confrontational, but if you have something you desperately want to share to your friend, tell them in person. If their breath stinks, let them know face-to-face. Or on second thought maybe not. But if you ever wanted to sleep with them, break free from what they might think, confess your lust for them and pray that it’s not awkward afterwards. But it probably will be.

Okay, maybe the answer to improving communications with a friend does lie in sending them random messages through Gutsy. After all: no guts, no glory.

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