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Are DFW sports teams cursed?

Courtesy of Business Insider

Over the past nine years alone, the DFW area has experienced a fantastically awful run of terrible luck in the world of sports

Last week, SMU made its first appearance in the NCAA men’s basketball championship in over 22 years.

The Hilltop was overrun with feelings of unabashed elation- it was the first time for many young Mustangs fans that a major sport would be represented on a national stage.

Oh, and what an incredible build up it was- two weeks before, SMU won the regular season conference championship in Moody Coliseum. Then the Mustangs won the conference tournament in Hartford, Ct. less than a week later. Twice– thats right– SMU had a post victory confetti part TWICE in less than seven days, only to have its heart ripped out by one of the worst calls in recent memory.

Courtesy of AP
Courtesy of AP

SMU senior Yanick Moreira was called for goaltending a shot that was so off target no one could possibly believe it had a chance of going in. No one except the official that made the call.

Many people after the game wondered why the officials spent so little time reviewing the play. Well they were never reviewing wether or not it was goaltending, because it wasn’t a reviewable play. They were instead deciding whether or not to award UCLA two or three points. So, as soon as the call was made it was set in stone.

Countless news outlets agreed that SMU was screwed out of another game and was unjustly sent home too soon.

Larry Brown was upset and I was too. Why do we have so many cameras and review so many other plays yet we don’t review goaltending- especially one that was so crucial to the outcome of the contest. We all saw several angles of the play and most of them show without a shadow of doubt that there was no chance the shot was going in.

But whatever, I’m not bitter.

What did DFW do to warrant such a brutal curse on its sports team. What hellish deal did Jerry Jones make back in the ’90s for the Cowboys’ Super Bowls? I don’t know, but if you don’t believe me, here is a look at some of the worst season ending events over the past nine years.

The 2006 NBA Finals: Dallas Mavericks vs The Miami Heat

This series birthed my hatred of the Heat and Dwayne Wade. The parade to the free throw line for Wade was so sickening. I was 13 at the time. I’m also pretty sure that was the first time I dropped an f-bomb in front of my dad. Dallas was up 2-0 in the series before the officials started awarding Wade’s flopping with free throws. The Heat went on to win 4-2. Things were thrown. I cursed like a sailor. My dad burned our lucky foam finger. It was a good time.

The 2006 NFC Wildcard Game: Dallas Cowboys vs Seattle Seahawks

Tony Romo was the chosen one. Coming off the bench to lead Dallas to its first Playoff appearance in years. Too bad Seattle gave Dallas a slick ball to use for the game-winning field goal attempt. Things were thrown. Profanities were yelled. It was a good time.

The 2007 NBA Playoffs: Dallas Mavericks vs Golden State

Screen Shot 2015-03-22 at 4.27.15 PM.png
Courtesy of Facebook

A year after being cheated out of a championship by D-Wade and the officials, Dallas finished the 2007 season with a historical record of 67–15 only to be bumped in the first round by the eighth seeded Warriors. Al Harrington, Matt Barnes, Monta Ellis, Steven Jackson, and Baron Davis destroyed the Mavs. That season, Golden State was the only team that could matchup with Dallas, and somehow, that is who we got in our first round. Thing were thrown. Tears were shed. Faith in the basketball gods was shaken.

The Texas Rangers 2010, and 2011

After years and years of being awful, the Rangers made it to the World Series in back-to-back seasons. Their first appearance was blegh, and they were dealt with easily. However, in the Rangers’ second World Series appearance, Texas came within a strike of securing their first championship ever. The first time, Nelson Cruz missed a easy fly ball. The second time, Lance Berkman brought a runner in off a 2-2 Scott Feldman pitch. Tears were shed.

2013 Mustangs

SMU defeats UConn twice. SMU gets snubbed from the NCAA Tournament. UConn wins it all. Profanities were yelled.

2014 NFC Divisional Playoffs: Cowboys vs Packers

Courtesy of CBS sports

It was a catch! Dez makes an inhumanly athletic catch and stretches for a touchdown. Whilst stretching, the ball comes loose after hitting the ground. Its ruled incomplete, Dallas loses. Things were broken. Souls were crushed.

2015 NCAA Championship 2nd Round: SMU vs UCLA:

The goaltending that wasn’t goaltending.

Courtesy of Business Insider


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