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Why I ‘Stand with Rand’… for now

Courtesy of AP
Courtesy of AP

On April 7, Kentucky Senator Rand Paul announced his 2016 presidential campaign in Louisville. All presidential candidates know that when they make a run for the White House, every minuscule aspect of their lives will be examined under a microscope.

Rand Paul envisions a small government for the future of America. He hopes to garner the support of the libertarian wing that supported his father Ron Paul, the Tea Party who also advocates a small government role, and some non-republicans like college students and blacks.

GOP 2016 Rand Paul
Courtesy of AP

As a college student, I have my doubts about Rand Paul, but I can agree with him or meet him halfway on some issues.

Foreign policy

He favors negotiating with Tehran to curtail Iran’s nuclear program, supports ending the American embargo on Cuba, and backs military actions against ISIS. However, in terms of foreign aid, he wants to abolish it all together, but makes an exception for Israel. Completely abolishing foreign aid is almost as radical as Cruz abolishing the IRS, and that’s where I stray from Rand’s platform.

Social issues

Same-sex marriage represents a hot issue right now, and while Paul opposes gay marriage, he said he would leave the issue to the states to decide. I can live with that. It’s not an ideal belief for my ideal president, but it’s a step closer to establishing gay marriage and gay rights.

The economy

Paul opposes the Federal Reserve’s control of the money supply and interest rate. Now, I’m a college student, Paul is a politician and ophthalmologist, and what do we both have in common? We’re both not economists. But economists run and advise the Federal Reserve on what’s best for the economy of our country.

Paul suggests that the power of money supply and interest rate should belong to Congress, two houses dominated by businessmen and women, lawyers, and public servants. Not one economist files in their ranks, which I think is concerning.

Other issues

Unlike most conservatives, Paul supports reducing federal drug penalties and increasing regulation of the nation’s intelligence agencies. Both of these issues I can stand with Rand on, which is actually his slogan: “Stand With Rand.” To those who don’t mind agencies spying on your phone because you have nothing to hide, don’t get mad when you show someone a photo and they swipe to the left.

X factors

As an ophthalmologist, or eye doctor, Paul is licensed to literally craft and correct people’s vision for this country. And if Paul uses that line, eye will vote for him in an instant. I would join his campaign and beg him to by my mentor and I his pupil. He’s viewing the nation in a wider and clearer lens. Okay, I’m done. Sorry if my puns were a little corny-a.

On a more serious note, it seems to me that Rand Paul doesn’t have much respect for women. Squaring off against CNBC host Kelly Evans, he shushed her. He raised his finger to his lips, shushed her and said, “Calm down a bit here, Kelly, let me answer the question.” Disrespectful. I can only imagine a conversation with a hypothetical marriage counselor. “Now what seems to be the problem?” “He’s always shushi–“ “Calm down a bit here, Kelley, let me answer the question.”

Coincidently, his wife’s name is Kelley, but with an “e.” Rand Paul also said he’d treat Hillary Clinton “with the same respect that I would treat a man.” So does he treat other women with less respect?

Digressing from this political tone, Paul’s full name is Randal and in his younger years, people called him Randy. His wife decided that Rand sounded more adult. Good to know who wears the pants in their relationship. Randy also swam competitively in college. His campaign started a week ago and he’s already drowning in his own mistakes and hot temperament. And if you think I mentioned his swimming career simply to use that pun, then you’re right, I did.

Rand Paul is the second candidate to announce his presidential campaign. Considering those who’ve announced their candidacy thus far, I’d vote for Paul on his worst day than Cruz on his best. I would go far and vote for Rand Paul than most of his potential competition in the race if he held a more stable demeanor.

As I’m writing this article, only two candidates have officially announced their run for the resolute desk. So for now, I stand with Rand.

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