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Texas Gov. Rick Perry takes his final bow in 2016 Presidential Elections

Texas Gov. Rick Perry takes his final bow in 2016 Presidential Elections

Everyone get your Miss America wave ready, because Texas Gov. Rick Perry is taking his final bow in the 2016 Presidential Election!

If you were a Pacquiao fan watching Mayweather throw as many punches as possible until the very end, then you know how the state of Texas feels as they watch their governor take his final K.O. (It couldn’t be over soon enough).

Perry’s running for the GOP nomination has been a long time coming. Back in 2008, people started considering him for the 2012 election. His first round in the ring was a noble one though; he landed himself fifth on the polls after the vote in the Iowa caucuses on Jan. 3, 2012. However, he later announced that he was suspending his campaign, which now gives us fans a little bit of déjà vu and a headache.

What does suspending a campaign really mean? It means, cowboys and cowgirls with a heavy pocket can still donate to their governor as he sits on the couch and watches the race from the comfort of his own home – sign me up for that job! Aside from a couple of hiccups along the way (like the time he “spent an awkward 53 seconds trying to remember the third federal agency that he would want to cut if he were president” – watch here) Perry has made some viable Republican-loving arguments: Economic growth, lowering of taxes, retire the debt, keep America safe, and focus the government. Sounds like an all-star candidate!

So, why can’t Rick Perry keep his relationships together? More than 10 of his hired staff in Iowa quit the Perry campaign in the past month. Some went back to old jobs so that they could actually get paid, while some were just conflicted with his strategies. One staffer who left said, “There’s no events going on here. Basically, the campaign is event-centered, and so there’s no events.” Goodness Rick. Do we recommend him a sugar daddy or a marriage counselor?

No need to panic however, Perry believes it is A-OK to suspend his campaign because the other candidates are just as strong as he is. In a Tweet posted Friday afternoon Perry said, “Today I step aside knowing as long as we fight for the cause of conservatism, our nation is in good hands.”

There, there Governor. All’s well that ends well. And to that, we Miss America-wave you out of the ring.

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