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Introducing SMU’s newest course listings

Introducing SMUs newest course listings

While students are getting settled in to the daily routine of class, SMU has been hard at work updating its course list to include courses it should have been offering all along. These classes will be available for students to enroll in Spring of 2016; SMU is hopeful for high enrollment in the following:

BLVD 1305: Intro to Boulevarding

“We don’t tailgate, we Boulevard” – pretentious SMU student.

This intro course gives a survey of SMU’s most-participated in tradition: eating barbecue and consuming alcohol before not attending the football game. Tips will be given explaining the new regulations, where to go, how to avoid suffering heatstroke, and how to actually get into the game now that people finally want to go. Recommended for Freshmen of all majors. Fulfills: KNW or IIC II, CE.

LWN 2343: Lawn Games and Appreciation

Prerequisite: BLVD 1305. With all the abnormally green and overwatered lawns that SMU has, you are missing out if you don’t know how to properly appreciate them. This course covers different ways of experiencing SMU’s famous grass that vary from beginner to intermediate. Units covered include corn hole, hammocking, Frisbee and napping. Fulfills: CA I, CE, OC.

FNTN 3353: Fountain Appreciation and Management

SMU has a lot of fountains. This course examines the history, intricacies and maintenance of each of SMU’s fountains. Course work culminates in an essay on “My favorite fountain” or “Why SMU needs more fountains.” Automatic fails given to anyone who thinks we have too many fountains or that we don’t need more. Fulfills: HC II, IIC I, W, OC.

PRW 2353: Fountain Hopping

This illicit SMU tradition goes official in this class. Students will learn about the history of SMU’s fountain run, proper fountain-hopping techniques and appropriate escape routes. Final examination includes one University-sanctioned fountain hop under the supervision of the SMU groundskeeping crew and the Secret Service (for Bush’s fountain of course). Fulfills: PRW II.

SHOP 5321: Shopping Dallas: Boutiques and malls

This graduate-level course introduces all of the best places to shop around Dallas and Highland Park. Students will be expected to memorize the locations of all Vineyard Vines and Louis Vuitton stores, in addition to popular boutiques. Route optimization and “what is a credit card maximum” are concepts that will also be introduced throughout the coursework. Fulfills: CA II, IIC II, CE, HD, QR.

STAR 1301: Intro to Starbucks

Not quite up to snuff on your “basic” skills? This course covers basic Starbucks drinks, what Espresso actually is, and popular “secret menu” items available at Starbucks locations. Never let anyone have a longer order than you at Starbucks! Also available are course versions in non-fat, light and whipped cream-free varieties. Fulfills: IIC I.

FRSR 1301: Intro to Frat/Sorority life

Don’t know your Alpha Chi from you Chi O? Wonder what the purpose of these organizations are (it’s brotherhood or sisterhood, I swear)? Ever needed to beat a hazing lawsuit? Then this course is the place for you. This primer, to be offered in the fall, substitutes mandatory recruiting events and will get you totally ready for spring rush. Fulfills: IIC II, SL, CE, OC.

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