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How to be organized and stress free


As the excitement of the new school year fades and midterms approach, it is time for us students to get serious about our time management and stress-free living.

According to the Huffington Post, the best ways to de-stress include:

1. Go for a 10-minute walk.

2. Watch a viral video – a quick laugh can calm you down.

3. Eat a snack – a healthy and filling one.

4. Turn off your phone.

5. Kiss – who knew?

In addition to these hints, perhaps a well-organized planner or a 45-minute workout class may be the trick to de-stress your life. Here are some ideas:


The planner that keeps me on top of my assignments and other obligations is called myAgenda Desktop. The size allows you to write assignments for each class the day they are assigned. Also, it leaves room for extracurricular activities at the bottom. The planner is not bound by a spiral, so you don’t have to worry about it coming apart in your bookbag. MyAgenda planners start at $36.

May Designs

May Designs allows you to customize your planner, inside and out. You can choose a cover design and monogram to adorn the outside of your planner. You can color on the inside when you need a break, set your goals and dreams for the year, and manage monthly and weekly calendars to stay organized. May Designs are a less expensive option starting at $20.

Erin Condren

A more expensive and specialized option, the Erin Condren LifePlanner, allows you to customize your LifePlanner from interchangeable covers, the layout of the weekly pages, and your name or initials on the cover. You can choose the theme of your planner as well, colorful or neutral. The planner can encompass the 12 months of the next calendar year plus the remaining months of the current year.

Not one for organization tips? Perhaps these exercise ideas will do the trick to keep your stress in check this midterm season.


If you haven’t heard, SoulCycle is in town. The first studio opened in Preston Center on Northwest Highway, and the second is soon to open in Uptown. You can now choose between Lync, FlyWheel, Terlingo, Zyn22 and SoulCycle when you want to take a spin class. Classes cost $30 for 45 minutes, but SoulCycle also offers longer classes and classes for teens only 10 minutes away from campus.

CorePower Yoga

For all you yogis, CorePower Yoga may ease your stress as midterms approach. The yoga studio is just across US-75 in Mockingbird Station. With the student discount, a single class costs $17 with classes starting at 6am and ending at 9:45pm almost everyday.

The TreadBarre

The TreadBarre encompasses cardio, free weights and Pilates techniques to create a full body workout. Students pay $15 per session for interval training on the treadmill, weights training and Pilates exercises on the Pilates chair and spring board.

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