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GroupX Workout Classes

Fitness is on the mind of everyone in this room.

“I feel motivated when I’m exercising with other people and it makes me push myself harder to see how-how others are working hard,” said SMU Sophomore Ivanna Stefan.

Working hard and feeling better about it, that’s what’s happening during these workout classes on campus.

“When you come into the class, it’s already set up, it’s already pre-choroegraphed, it’s a great environment. You maybe meet other people who love the same class and the same format so you’re not alone,” said Assistant Director of Fitness Gina Garcia.

GroupX instructors do everything they can to make sure that everyone has fun, stays motivated and gets a good sweat in.

“I push you, but I also give you all the modifications you need in case you wanted to try something else,” said HIIT Class Instructor Carol Sale.

With the mix of pro and student instructors, they’re always encouraging other students to get involved and lead the class.

“It’s great opportunity for students to- as they are taking classes they can also work and they can teach and they can train,” said Garcia.

“As soon as I’m in front of everyone and everyone’s doing a workout that I made, I am so excited and I’m so proud of everyone for getting through it,” said Sale.

Some of the classes that are offered include cycle, barre, HIIT, pop pilates and more.

“This is a really fun way to exercise because you’re not alone, you’re with other people, they have really good music and I would tell them just to be fit– that that’s motivation enough to come to exercising class,” said Stefan.

Living a healthy lifestyle and getting motivated, that’s the goal of these GroupX classes.

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