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Determined SMU Student Seeks Perfection in Opera

Macy Mullins performs Una Voce Poco Fa in Sienna, Italy on June 24, 2022. Photo credit: Macy Mullins

By Clementine Marcogliese

Nerves overwhelm Macy Mullins as she prepares to practice her rendition of “Una voce poco fa.” Her petite body creates a loud and powerful sound that rings throughout the room.

Her voice begins to echo through the halls. She is embraced by its beautiful melody.

The pianist’s fingers begin to slide across the keys, as he breadths in tempo alongside her. Her fear fades away as she hits the final crescendo.

Mullins lets out a breath of relief, she had to be perfect, and for today, she has accomplished that.

The road to success has been a long and tiring journey for Mullins. Her desire for perfection is normal for her. She was given opportunities to further flourish her career in opera because of her determination.

“I believe singing in Italy is the most valuable step I have taken in my career journey so far,” Mullins said.

Her career is just beginning, and she has much to continue to accomplish and explore.

“I would like to go back to Europe in the near future, so I am hoping to get hired to sing somewhere soon,” Mullins said. “My goal is for my life and career to revolve around opera.”

Mullin’s upcoming recital is the next big step in her career. Mullins performed in the Galleries recital at the Dallas Museum of Art on Friday, September 16. This is her biggest recital to date.

“I see opera as the ultimate art form,” Mullins said. “An opera is the combination of incredible music, beautiful storytelling, and amazing set designs. It truly is amazing.”

The love for opera does not stop with just Mullins. Hundreds of opera fan groups come together online to share their passion. Giosue Agius, a member of “For the Love of Opera” expressed the meaning of opera in his life.

“Being a combination of instruments, voices, acting, costumes, production, literature, etc, it is very effective in transmitting its own art and message,” Agius said. “It leaves a lot of room for ultimate creativity and interpretation.”

Mullins, 22, explored other passions before opera. Growing up involved in both competitive dance and cheer, she enjoyed the spotlight and the pressure, however, it was not until elementary school that she first started to take voice lessons.

Over the years, opera has become a part of Mullins’ identity. Her love and passion for art drew her to Southern Methodist. SMU has been the perfect place for Mullins to continue to expand her talent due to the small number of students, which allows her to easily bond with her professors.

Mullins has a bright spirit that shines both on and off the stage. Her professor, Hank Hammitt, the director of Lyric Theatre, agreed.

“Macy is the kind of student that everyone dreams about,” Hammitt said. “She is always curious and enthusiastic, determined and focused on moving herself forward in her craft as a singing actor by having the courage to take big risks in her work, both in rehearsal and in performance.”

Mullins has capitalized on her experiences at SMU and will continue to use those skills at her DMA recital Friday.

Mullins will be performing a series of songs by renowned composers such as Mozart and Rossini. To learn more about Mullins’ performance visit the DMA’s online website.

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