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‘Hitchcock’ highlights legendary director’s ‘Psycho’ push

 Whats happenin in the hood?
What’s happenin’ in the ‘hood?

It’s always a cinematic treat when Hollywood turns a mirror on itself and spotlights the golden age of the industry.

Such is the case in Hitchcock, a thoroughly entertaining profile on the famous director Alfred Hitchcock’s push to make his most famous film – Psycho.

Directed by Sacha Gervasi, Hitchcock dives into Stephen Rebello’s book of the same name and explores the man behind such legendary movies as Rear Window, North by Northwest and The Birds.

Playing the prolific director is Anthony Hopkins. Hopkins is almost unrecognizable as Hitchcock since the Academy Award winner dons a fat suit and heavy makeup for the role. 

In terms of Hitchcock’s famous accent, Hopkins nails it.

Considering that the film touches heavily on Hitchcock’s life away from the movie set, Hopkins didn’t have much source material to draw from during the film’s more emotional scenes.

Hopkins take on the director creates a more personable, humble human.

Alma Reville plays Hitchcock’s wife, Helen Mirren.

Not many people know that Reville was the driving force behind many of Hitchcock’s films.

Mirren steals the spotlight from Hitchcock as the director’s wife. The British actress’ no-nonsense, strong performance gives the credit to Feville that the history books neglected to include.

While the premise of Hitchcock revolves around the making of Psycho, the underlying love story between Reville and Hitchcock is just as captivating.

Gervasi’s directorial thumbprint is present during the scenes in which the movie focuses on Psycho.

Where Hopkins may have been lacking in source material, Gervasi had tons.

The director recreates Paramount’s movie sets of the 1960s with the precision of a brain surgeon.

From Psyco’s famous shower scene to the directorial style of Hitchcock himself, one things for certain: Gervasi did his homework.

Of course, what would a Hitchcock film be without mention of the director’s almost obssessive nature of treating his leading ladies?

Scarlett Johansson plays Janet Leigh, the iconic screaming blonde in Psycho.

Johansson is charming as the starlet despite her lacking screen time.

As a whole, Hitchcock is the sweeping story the director deserves.

While some storylines fall flat, the camera’s attention to Hopkins is well worth it and Mirren’s Reville is a career highlight.
Hitchcock opens in theaters nationwide today.

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