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Meet Grace Davis: Founder of SMU Fashion Week

Courtesy of Grace Davis

(Courtesy of Grace Davis)

SMU Fashion Week is underway. Students and fashionistas throughout the Dallas area are invited to come and attend the events happening this week on SMU’s campus.

The five-day affair is the second annual fashion week being held at SMU, and the program has come a long way since it first began.

Grace Davis, a 2012 SMU graduate, started SMU Fashion Week in fall 2011. After working with SMU Retail Club and with the help of the recently launched fashion media minor, she was able to successfully start the first SMU Fashion Week last year.

This year’s events are bigger and better as the program takes shape and continues to grow. I sat down with Grace to hear what she thought of her legacy and find out how it all began.

Why did you create SMU fashion week- where did it all start?

It basically started after discovering that there were a lot of conferences focused on discussing hot topics like social media, fashion and the fashion industry. I wanted to use the resources that Dallas has to offer and bring that to SMU.

Are you surprised by how much SMU Fashion Week has grown since 2011?

I’m not really surprised, because I think SMU students have a great work ethic. Especially the women I’ve met who are involved in the program. They seem very determined and focused. SMU draws in students who are ambitious and the student body is capable of taking this event to the next level.

There are now three people who do the job you did when it started, what do you think about that?

Those in charge are continuing to alter and re-evaluate the program. I certainly did a lot, but I also had a lot of help. They are restructuring it, with that comes the need for more help and position openings. It is very much a collaborative effort, and I know it works best that way because it is an event where we want to reach a broad audience.

Fashion Week at SMU has continued to grow- when you look at how far it has come, does that make you proud?

Yes, it’s very cool to see a legacy that I have left. Hopefully it will continue. I am very proud to say it happened. It’s one of my bigger accomplishments in my SMU career.

Putting on SMU Fashion week is a huge undertaking, what was your experience like?

I had a really great time doing it. I hope it will still go on in the future. My whole goal was that it would continue without my involvement. I am grateful SMU students have embraced it and are enjoying the process as much as I did.

What was your contribution this year?

I wasn’t really a part of it at all except passing down some of my contacts. It’s a true testament to SMU students and the event. People like it so much and can make it even better with the passing time.

What have you gone to or will go to at this year’s Fashion Week?

I went to the launch party. It was great to come be a part of it in some small way and see what they have done this year.

How do you think having this helps put SMU on the map for being a fashion school?

So many local people and professionals have participated in it. These are people who have been a part of many other incredible things in the fashion world. The students can say they met them or heard from them when they come to fashion week events. This year they have really great speakers who are so connected and to have that connection globally really puts SMU on the map because we utilized those resources.

What’s your advice to all those wanting to seek a career in fashion, blog about fashion successfully, etc.?

Just go for it. Do your own thing and don’t worry about what other people are doing. If you have an idea you think will work, do it! Also, seek other people’s advice. Finding someone who can mentor you is really helpful. It’s been vital for me to have support and guidance from those who have been in the industry longer. At the end of the day a lot of it is about who you know and connect with that will get you the experience to help you.    

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