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Guns needed for public safety

Gun control is a touchy subject to say the least. Advocates of gun rights appear insensitive during times like these, when mass shootings seem to be happening left and right.

But are gun-wielding conservatives really the heartless people they’re made out to be?

The argument to own guns as a safety precaution is constantly scoffed at and “debunked.”

Yes, statistics show that the number of criminal homicides far exceeds the number of times a gun is used for the purpose of self-defense. But will the criminal behavior really slow down if law-abiding citizens get rid of their guns?

The black market is alive and well. If you don’t believe that, I would invite you to ask around and see how long it takes to find someone anxious to sell you marijuana, cocaine, ecstasy, the list goes on.

Blatantly illegal drugs are easy to obtain and guns can be distributed by the same means. Those in favor of gun control don’t want firearms “falling into the wrong hands.” If guns were made illegal, that’s the only place they would fall. Criminals would be the sole possessors of guns, leaving all other citizens defenseless.

The mass shooters we’ve seen in the news are criminals. I cannot say whether these occurrences would have taken place if guns were illegal, but I can say that the possibility is there. Adam Lanza, of the Sandy Hook shooting, and Aaron Alexis, of the Navy Yard shooting, committed the worst of crimes. It’s hard to believe that these men would have been above making illegal purchases.

Citizens who want to stand a chance against these shooters, who want to protect their families and communities, are just in their views. Second Amendment-lovers hurt along with the rest of America when they see innocent lives taken. They want to take steps to ensure that another Sandy Hook never happens again. The only difference is that they realize their only defense is being armed with something that can compete with the criminals.

Now, more than ever, the right to bear arms is crucial for the safety of law-abiding citizens. I do not have a solution to our violent culture, but I do know that we all deserve a feeling of security. If you’re uncomfortable knowing that criminals are walking around with guns, maybe you should get one for yourself.

Thrall is a junior majoring in journalism and film.

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