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COMMENTARY: SMU Students Party Despite Pandemic Restrictions

Photo credit: Jillian Taylor

It appears that many students are still finding ways to party in large groups despite COVID-19 restrictions on nearby bars and restaurants, and cautions from university leadership to practice social distancing.

After noticing many students dressed up and calling Ubers to campus like they would on a normal night out, Daily Campus reporter Jillian Taylor decided to find out where they were going.

Using social media, The Daily Campus was able to locate a large crowd of college-age people gathered at Republic Ranch, a restaurant and bar six minutes away from SMU’s campus. Most party-goers weren’t wearing college affiliated clothing, but some in the crowd were seen wearing polo shirts from the SMU bookstore.

A valet employee at Republic Ranch said party-goers are required to wear masks upon entry, but take them off once inside the venue.

A recent campus-wide email from President Turner and Dr. Mmeje pointed to off-campus parties as the reason for coronavirus related university cancellations across the country.

“Every one of these cancellations has been due to the thoughtless actions of groups of students having off-campus parties without wearing masks and violating social distancing standards,” the message said. “Any person or organization who organizes such a reckless party will be seriously disciplined for putting the entire campus at risk.”

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