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Mustangs look for win against Nevada

The Mustangs 52-6 loss on Saturday night at the expense of theOklahoma State Cowboys dropped SMU to 0-3 on the young season. ThisSaturday, the Ponies will travel to Reno as they take on the NevadaWolf Pack, the team’s first opponent outside of the Big12.

The fresh start in the WAC setting, along with the diligent workethic of young players has head coach Phil Bennett looking forwardto the trip westward.

Bennett said the problems behind the winless record begin withoffense.

“We were dominated on the offensive line of scrimmage,which was disheartening,” he said. “On special teams,we’ve got to punt the ball better. Part of our problem withreturns is the fact that our punts have only been about 25 yards,and it’s tough to cover a guy when you’re not sure ofthe trajectory or the length of the ball.”

Bennett also believed that the team’s quarterbacks did notdeliver as well as they are capable.

“We didn’t execute at the quarterback position formost of the day, and that’s a combination ofthings.”

Richard Bartel and Tate Wallis, both sophomores, saw time at thehelm against the Cowboys.

“If we had to play a game right now, I’d play bothof them, and I don’t like to do that,” Bennett said.”But as I said, I’m not sure we have the completepackage of what we’re looking for.”

With the starter against the Wolf Pack still up in the air,Bennett said that he is not ready to finalize a decision yet.

“We’re going to go by how practice goes. If I see abig difference between the two of them, then I’ll stick withone,” he said.

Wallis feels that the season of experience that both he andBartel have helps the situation. “It’s just good to getthat year under your belt,” he said, “whether or notit’s a bad year. If it’s a bad year … it couldbe good for you and for the team to learn how to handle badsituations. It builds character, and I think we’ll be allright.”

The team’s record has neither quarterback discouragedabout the game at hand.

“With the three Big 12 teams, we’ve had one toughloss and a couple of blowouts. You’ve got to rebound from itand see what you can do,” Wallis said.

“We’ve got to forget the last three,” Bartelsaid. “Mentally, it’s hard enough to go 0-3. Thebiggest thing for us is that we’re out of the [Big 12]conference and none of those three matter. As long as we can cleanour slate, we’ve got a chance to start all over.

” We don’t want to get off to the start [in the WAC]that we got off to at the beginning of the season.”

Coach Bennett is also looking forward to starting anew in theWAC.

“As a football team, we’re 0-3 in the Big 12,”he said. “You know, there’s two ways we can look atthis. We can sit around and say, ‘Hey, we’re nogood,’ but that’s not the way it’s going tobe.

“I told the coaches this, because I’ve been in toughsituations before — now is the time that you answer achallenge. The only people that can help get us out of this isus.

“This is a trying time, and there will be better days.I’m not at all down. I’m determined, and we’llstay that way.”

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