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This season’s hottest colors for accessories


Colors are always crucial to staying stylish for every season. No matter what trend you are sporting, accessorzing your outfit in an in season color makes you even more of a fashionista.

The colors to look out for this season are green, maroon, black and white, metallic and bright shades of red.


Maroon screams fall and is among several other toned-down colors that people will naturally reach for during this season.

Thanks to this in-season color, you don’t have to feel as bad about wearing a monotone colors.

SMU junior Hailey Curtiss said “This season, burgundy is going to be the new black. It looks great with other popular colors such as metallic and looks good on almost any skin tone.”

Designers have decided that the perfect way to incorporate this fall color is through accessorizing so that it doesn’t take up too much of your ensemble. Too much of this shade will lessen excitement from your style.

If you’re into loafers, now is a great time to purchase a pair because designers love them in maroon.


Accessories in green that work well this season are textured heels, alligator envelope clutches and extravagant jewelry.

Some of these specific types of accessories may be hard for SMU students to find the right occasion to wear, so don’t feel compelled to go out and buy them just because they are trendy.

Wear what works for you, whether it be a green bag or earrings.

Focus on what makes you comfortable, and if you happen to find accessories in this season’s colors, all the better.

If you’re going to go for the green, hunter green is the most appropriate shade for the fall.

Black and White

What says “complete opposites” more than the colors black and white? Well, this season, opposites will certainly attract.
It is inevitable that everyone has black and white in their closet, so this trend will be easy access.

No need to feel “boring” while wearing these shades.

You can always wear accessories in black and white and pair them with different colored clothes if you need a splash of something different.

Not only should you pair together separate pieces of the different colors, but wear single items that incorporate both black and white together.


When it comes to metallic, you are better off sticking to this color for more formal wear.

Accessorizing this color for your outfit to class will look too dressed up unless you use it minimally.

Clutches and heels are the most popular accessories to wear in this color.

SMU sophomore Julie Hight said “Wearing metallic is a subtle way to stand out. The flashy color shows that you are confident, which is another great reason to accessorize in this color.”


Bright reds are hot, hot, hot this season.

The fall season is complimented by shades of red with all of its colorful red leaves that will soon be scattered across campus.

Flats, bags and heels look especially good in this bright color. Pair these red colored accessories with cold jewelry to dress up any outfit, or keep it simple and more toned down for class.

Color blocking with different shades of red make for an even trendier look.

Additionally, color blocking with shoes is becoming more popular, and reds are great and easy to contrast with colors such as orange and black.

The color blocking trend isn’t going out of style any time son, so stock up on all sorts of shades.

Although red is among the most popular, other primary colors like blue, yellow and green have also been dubbed as fashion-forward by designers.

Supporting SMU is another convincing reason to wear reds. Show your pride while being stylish at the same time.

Hight said “We go to SMU so everyone better like the bright red trend!”

Even if this season’s trends aren’t for you, incorporating these colors into your wardrobe will still keep you looking trendy. It’s fun to try something new. 

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