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All Majors Career Fair SMU 2018

This photograph is courtesy of Wikimedia commons. The author and source is Spencerjc1. Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons & Spencerjc1

SMU hosted its annual All Majors Career Fair Tuesday, September 11 from 3-6 p.m. in the Hughes-Trigg Student Center to give students to gain access to recruiters from top employers. Over fifty employers participated, including major companies, such as American Airlines, Southwest, Hershey’s, Mary Kay and Home Depot. There was a good turn out of students.

Participating employers displayed interest in SMU students for full-time positions and internships. Students gained exposure, experience and expanded their network.

The Hughes-Trigg Student Center was packed with students dressed in business attire, resumes in hand, and a smile on their faces. When approaching tables, students would introduce themselves and shake the employers’ hands. Employers were very talkative and informative about their business.

“When I got here, I walked around and talked to a couple of consulting firms and other companies,” Junior Colin Smith said. “If they had an opening for an internship, and thought I was a good fit, then they would ask for my resume.”

The All Majors Career Fair is a great opportunity for students to get their feet wet talking to high-up employers about future jobs or internships. There were tables set up with banners and signs indicating the business name. Students could talk to more than one employer, thereby expanding students’ options and likeliness of getting hired.

“I got to talk to a lot of different people and some of them asked for my resume,” Sophomore David Loving said. “I’m hoping that someone will email me and say they have a job opening, but either way, it was a good experience to learn how to talk to professionals.”

The Career Fair hosts a wide variety of companies across different industries, with major companies such as Blue Cross and Blue Shield, Dell, First National Bank and Lennox International. Only the Career Fair offers the opportunity of talking directly to representatives of these huge companies.

“My parents urged me to go to the Career Fair this year so I could get exposed to new companies and learn how to start the process of getting an internship,” Sophomore Ransome Rombauer said. “I was surprised with how well organized the Career Fair was. There were a lot of tables set up, a lot of students showed up, and I think it was worth going to.”

Some students found the number of students that attended overwhelming.

“Both times I’ve attended the Career Fair, I felt like a small fish in a big pond,” Junior Alistair Ramirez said. “Although I was able to learn a lot and grow professionally, it never materialized into anything fallible [sic] in terms of a job or internship. I do not want to attend the Career Fair again and have to relive the chaos of students running amok.”

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