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SMU Catholic Campus Ministry Celebrates Mardi Gras

The organization had a station dedicated a table with supplies for guests to build their own Mardi Gras miniature float. Photo credit: Grace Lawrence

The Catholic Campus Ministry filled their living and dining area with gold, purple and green to celebrate Fat Tuesday with their annual event, Mardi Gras at the C, on March 1st. Beads, feathers and masks adorned the tables and walls of the Catholic Center to fit the festivities.

“One thing I’ve always enjoyed about this event is that it is a really fun way to reach out to people all from different areas and backgrounds since Mardi Gras is usually something all people know about and enjoy,” Luke Tanner, the Campus Minister, said.

Dining Area with Mardi Gras Decorations
The Catholic Campus Ministry fit the festivities with purple, gold and green decorations throughout their dining room. Photo credit: Grace Lawrence

The decorations filled the room, along with the smell of home-cooked meals. Since Mardi Gras is heavily celebrated in Louisiana, the entrees were cajun delicacies like jambalaya and gumbo.

Missionary Sarah LeBlanc hails from Lafayette, Louisiana and enjoys the taste from home.

“Honestly, the way it smells in here right now, I feel like I’m back home in Louisiana,” she said.

Annie Velasco, another Missionary, grew up in Houston and now lives in Dallas. Even though she knows little about Louisiana, she enjoys learning more through the state’s cuisine.

“The food is definitely my favorite part,” Velasco said.

Although all of the food was a major hit, the main attraction was the dessert.

“King’s Cake has got to be my favorite part,” Junior Sophie Fernando said.

Fernando was not alone, the three cakes needed to be replenished within minutes of being put out to eat. King’s Cake is riddled with cinnamon, frosting and sprinkles.

“Out of all the food, I think King’s Cake is my favorite one,” Velasco noted.

Mardi Gras is seen in the Catholic faith as a day of full celebration before the season of Lent starts the next day. This is because during Lent, most involved with the faith give up something until Easter.

“I always give up chocolate and social media,” Fernando said.

The Catholic Campus Ministry is open to all SMU students, and many have found joy in taking part in events just like these that the organization hosts.

“These events are a really cool way to have fellowship with people you are already friends with, but also meet new people from all around campus.”

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